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Balloon Battles™

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Balloon Battles
Introducing Balloon Battles, the world’s first patented air powered water balloon launcher. Two opponents face off against each other in their own protective enclosure. After a balloon is loaded, a button is pushed and water balloons are launched at each other’s tower. As the balloon breaks against the blast shield, the object is to see how wet you can get your opponent. Completely safe, our balloon battle towers take your water fun to a higher level. Simply load, aim and push to shoot! Because there are no bungee cords or muscle needed, anyone can play from 4 to 104 years old, it’s easy! The fun, excitement and competition is how well you aim to get your adversary soaked. Aim carefully for the small target and drench your partner with fountains of water from the floor below with the optional patented Splash Blast. This adds double excitement and pleasure to the game. There is no escape from getting drenched and no avoiding this tremendous summer fun! What is awesome is that the energy and laughter of the participants enjoying the game draws tons of spectators who also cheer, laugh and scream, making this game enjoyable for everyone.
It is so wonderful that many of the spectators decide to line up and become participants as well. We didn’t know the mission to get your adversary wet, drenched, splashed and soaked could be so exhilarating!
This product is great for mobile inflatable companies, family fun centers, water parks and theme parks. Corporate parties, picnics, and school events are taken to the next level with this innovative water product. Fundraisers are a no brainer when you sell water balloons by the bucket. People of all age’s line up to feel the power and enjoyment of shooting the very safe, air powered water balloon launchers at each other. The fun is universal and these balloon battles are quality engineered, extremely safe and are being sold worldwide. This invention is truly a winner!




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